Audits in each of the processes

Being vertically integrated Textil Del Valle controls the audits that are performed in each of the production processes, and being a very important differentiating part of our company, our controls are very exhaustively in every stage.


The quality control begins since the moment we receive the yarns, trims, and any material that is going to be used in our garments.  This process is carried out through all of our production processes of dyed yarn, dyed knitting fabric, cutting, embroidery, sewing, laundry, and finishing.


We have inspectors, auditors, supervisors, end auditors and our own laboratories.


Finally, our garments are inspected at 100%, and then go to a random audit in the warehouse.


Certified Laboratories

Our inhouse laboratory performs different test methods, Textil Del Valle staff has been trained in every test. Our lab has been certified as correlated lab by Ralph Lauren and Lacoste.


ISO 9001

The benefits of working with a quality management system under ISO 9001 certification allows to obtain higher quality in our processes, increase of the productivity and consistency in its performance with the result of reduction in costs, and greater competitiveness.

ISO 14001

Always walking toward the continuous improvement, Textil Del Valle is the first Peruvian textile company ever to obtain ISO 14001.

ISO 14001 assures our customers that TDV has a solid environmental behavior that fully controls the impact of its activities, products and services on the environment.

WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production)

WRAP ensures that textile Textil Del Valle has an accredited globally responsible production, since their products are manufactured under global, legal, human and ethical conditions.


Textil Del Valle encourages and motivates permanently a good communication between managers and employees.

BASC (Business Alliance for Secure Commerce)

BASC assumes our customers that Textil del Valle carefully monitored their production processes, packaging, shipping, and transportation, taking care to ensure that our shipments are not used for illicit activities (drugs, smuggling or substances that can serve to a terrorist attack).


The company is always thinking about facilitating the trade between Peru and the nations to which we produce,

As well as to give their workers a safe working environment.

Business Social Compliance Initiative

OEA Perú

Good Work Practices

Environmental Bureau

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