Innovation, Development

& Technology

Looking for our clients to be at the forefront of textile development, we think about new raw materials, technologies and the renovation of our industrial park.

Product development.

The development team is up to date with global trends and the needs of each client,
ready for innovative developments either in raw materials, yarn or styles.

Industries 4.0


Control Value Chain

We develop control panels throughout the entire production process to ensure plant efficiency in real time.


We developed an app that helps us with the control of efficiency and empowers our sewing team.

BMS (Weaving, Knit Master)

The world’s leading MES system within the knitting industry. It monitors and synchronizes all manufacturing and logistic activities within the knitting mill, from yarn purchasing and inventory to the shipment of the finished fabric.


An intelligently networked solution for the centralized administration and analysis of our production machines in the dyeing process.

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