Getting to know yourself is the main step for anyone to become the best versions of themselves: reinforce their strengths and work on their weaknesses. Textil del Valle understands the value behind this concept and believes a company should be no stranger to it.

TDV’s path into becoming the most sustainable textile plant in the world is an exhaustive one and for the matter, effective self-improvement tools are needed. TDV acknowledges the impact the international Higg Index (developed by the Sustainability Apparel Coalition) has had in the apparel industry, which has allowed brands, retailers and manufacturers to measure their overall sustainability approach and impacts, compare them among the industry standards, and make annual improvements.

Last year, TDV incorporated the Higg Index FEM (Facility Environmental Module) as part of its strategic annual initiatives, starting with the measurement of 2019. This module covers the completion of a self-assessment and a verification by third party across seven environmental impact areas. As a result, subject areas have been identified, long-term action plans have been established, and a structured environmental improvement is currently on its way.

We have become a Carbon Neutral company, the first in the textile industry in the Southern Hemisphere to do so. For this big step, we partnered up with AIDER non-profit organization that aims to the conservation of rain forests, covering 127,000 ha. of threatened forests in the Peruvian Amazon jungle. They provide tools for indigenous communities to develop skills in managing lands, protecting their forest, land governance, new sustainable crop growing techniques, and training in other economic activities like craft making. Textil del Valle’s contribution of carbon credits has gone towards the ‘Nii Kaniti’ project, an alliance with seven communities from Ucayali, Peru. The objective is to help the development of these communities and enhance their relationship with their threatened natural forests.

A milestone for our company, as we achieved to offset our 2019 Carbon Footprint (18,673 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent), we will continue with these annual measures to keep offsetting our emissions and protecting the Earth’s lungs: the Amazon rain forest. From now on, this commitment becomes part of our identity.

After months of hard work and unprecedented situations, we are excited to announce that Textil del Valle is a Certified B Corporation™, having reached a score of 84.6 points, becoming Latin America’s best B Corp™ and Peru’s first industrial manufacturer to achieve this recognition.

On a global level, we rank amongst the top 15 Apparel B Corps™ and the top 3 Apparel Manufacturers B Corps™, only behind jeans and wool garment manufacturing factories, which differ from Textil del Valle’s business model. Certified B Corporations™ (B Corps™) are for-profit companies that use the power of business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. The movement this organization represents is one we feel deeply connected. The B Corp community works towards reducing inequality, lowering poverty levels, creating a healthier environment, building stronger communities, and creating high-quality jobs with dignity and purpose. We believe this is what the world needs now, as the private sector has historically been the main reason for our critical social and environmental problems. We are working continuously to redefine the textile industry, knitting a more sustainable future for all. As a result, this recognition keeps validating our journey towards becoming the most sustainable textile in the world.