Getting to know yourself is the main step for anyone to become the best versions of themselves: reinforce their strengths and work on their weaknesses. Textil del Valle understands the value behind this concept and believes a company should be no stranger to it.

TDV’s path into becoming the most sustainable textile plant in the world is an exhaustive one and for the matter, effective self-improvement tools are needed. TDV acknowledges the impact the international Higg Index (developed by the Sustainability Apparel Coalition) has had in the apparel industry, which has allowed brands, retailers and manufacturers to measure their overall sustainability approach and impacts, compare them among the industry standards, and make annual improvements.

Last year, TDV incorporated the Higg Index FEM (Facility Environmental Module) as part of its strategic annual initiatives, starting with the measurement of 2019. This module covers the completion of a self-assessment and a verification by third party across seven environmental impact areas. As a result, subject areas have been identified, long-term action plans have been established, and a structured environmental improvement is currently on its way.